JimCon 5 is happening November 13-15th, 2015 at the Bronx Park Community Centre, Winnipeg, MB. Follow us @JimConWpg!

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See below for more information if you want to help out JimCon by running games. Stay tuned for information on volunteering for other roles (games library, registration, setup/teardown, etc)

Game On!




Would You Like To Run A Game?

Hofer here,

Jimcon is looking for volunteer Game Masters to run their favorite games at Jimcon 5. If you're interested, either click the "Contact Us" link above, or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the information in the bullet-lists below: 

A couple house-cleaning items to cover first:

To ensure your game gets into the program guide and is available for pre-registration, I will need all game information no later than 23:59 CDT, Thursday, October 22. This will give me time to create the schedule, iron out any kinks and help our registrars get a pre-registration system up and running before pre-registration closes. Though if you miss this deadline, you're more than welcome to run any game you like on one of our many open gaming tables. 

Like previous years, GMs are responsible for their own entry into the Con. We also assume that if you're volunteering to run something, you a) know the game well enough to teach others and b) can provide your own copy of the game for use. We are planning a perk/thank you package as well for GMs that run games in multiple slots. Details will be made available as we decide on specifics.

Now that those are out of the way - On to the information I need!

  • Your Name
    • As you want it to appear in the program guide and volunteer thank-you page
  • Your Contact Info (e-mail address or phone number)
    • This will be used to contact you if I need any other information or to nail down slot times
  • Your weekend availability (What times of the weekend will you *not* be available)
  • Other events you want to participate in but not run
    • The schedule doesn't get set in stone until late October, but if I know what else you want to participate in, I can schedule your games around them

I also need the following for each game you wish to run

  • Name of the Game
  • Type (Board/Card, RPG, Miniature Wargame or Panel)
  • Publisher
  • Recommended Age Range
  • Number of players (Min and Max)
  • Are you playing?
    • If you are, we'll pre-populate your name on the pre-registration form so that Available Slots = Max Players - 1
  • Average Game Length
    • Games will be scheduled into one slot unless specifically requested otherwise or the average game length > Slot length. For the program guide, I intend to list the average game length, along with the projected number of games possible to complete within the slot. Please calculate this assuming you will be teaching at least 1 new person (maybe Manufacturer's Max + 15 minutes)
  • Table Space Needed
    • I'll need this in either table count/size/shape/configuration (ie: 2x 6-foot squared, 2x 8-foot linear, 1x round) for card games, board games and RPGs or in L x W dimensions for miniature wargames. For minis, please add 12-18" on each side for model storage
  • Experience Level Required
    • Are you comfortable teaching people who haven't even played Monopoly before? Or do you want seasoned vets so you can churn out more games without having to explain the rules and mechanics?
  • A Brief Synopsis for the program guide
    • By brief, I mean "something tweetable". 200 characters at the absolute most. If you send me a novel, I reserve the right to pare it down as I see fit.

Game On!


Michael Hofer

Jimcon 5 Schedule Coordinator