JimCon is a tabletop gaming convention, pure and simple. It was born out of our love of games and the joy we get from socializing and getting people together to play and have fun. If you’re like us, you’ve been playing games for years and have been craving a dedicated gaming convention in Winnipeg.

We created JimCon to satisfy that craving.

We see this as an opportunity for anyone who has ever wondered, “What new game should I buy?” but did not buy it because they were unsure they would like it. With our library of over 500 games to choose from, anyone is sure to find a game they want to try and be able to find someone who will play it with them. We want to provide an avenue for avid gamers to show newcomers how much fun gaming can be, and to introduce gamers of all stripes and experience to our large, diverse, and friendly gaming community here in Winnipeg.

We want people to embrace card, miniature, board and Role-playing games as a way to stimulate the imagination, find creative ways to solve problems and develop varying strategies and tactics that can also be used outside of gaming.

We look forward to sharing a table with you!

For more info check out the rest of our website, goto facebook.com/pg/jimconwinnipeg/ or follow us @JimConWpg.